Permanent, Contract or Temporary driver solutions

Merlin Cat C+E People are sought after by every business sector, meeting and exceeding the exceptionally high standards that are required of the logistics industry.
Trained effectively through a rigorous three phase assessment and induction programme, Merlin People are rated according to overall risk. This ensures companies requiring a supply driver, can target Merlin People from the overall driver population, to their specific requirements.

With an extensive customer base and an enviable supply of risk assessed uniformed drivers, Merlin People offer peace of mind and consistency of service in a high turnover marketplace.

Merlin People Artic drivers are safe and responsible drivers equipped to
  • Prepare a vehicle and its occupants for the journey (subject to legal and manufacturers requirements)
  • Make sure the Artic vehicle is roadworthy and fit for journey
  • Make sure the Artics documentation meets legal requirements
  • Plan a suitable journey taking into account road conditions - weather conditions - traffic - driving experience - the vehicle
  • Safely guide and control the rigid vehicle
  • Use the road in accordance with the Highway code
  • Driver safely and responsibly in the traffic system
  • Minimise the risk when driving
  • Follow the principles of ecologically responsible driving (Eco-safe)
  • Prepare a vehicle's load (subject to legal and manufacturers requirements)
  • Learn from their experience and adjust behaviour
Every Merlin People Cat C+E (Artic) driver is a representative of your brand. They are hired to represent your company/brand in a positive light and by doing so they help to increase brand awareness.

Cat C+E (Artic) licence
Exceptional customer service skills
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UNIFORM: Supplied fully uniformed
PPE: Supplied with personal protective equipment
RISK MANAGED: To your requirements 
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